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~MENAGE A BRO~ a place for BROS
02 07 10
the appreciation meme

♥ Comment on this post with your username.
♥ Other people will reply with reasons they appreciate you or things they like about you. It can be anything, big or small!
♥ If I see people being mean I will shut that down so hard :|

02 07 10 (UTC)
Eff, yeah! Appreciation!!

02 07 10 (UTC)
MUGfzmraghmgh rme YOU ROCK. You're all lumpy purple rocking and thanks to you I know that "licking my screen=bad".
(Deleted comment)
02 07 10 (UTC)
You draw pretty, pretty things. <3 They make me super happy since my art bitch is nearly never around.
02 07 10 (UTC)
You are my favourite fan-artist, for serious. B| For freakin *serious*.

Every time your art shows up in my inbox it's like a gift that keeps on giving. You are the catnip to my catness.

02 07 10 (UTC)
You rock so hard, I don't even know enough English words to say it. Makes me wish I was awesome enough that I might be on your friends list(a girl can dream)
02 07 10 (UTC)
YOU are the best thing to happen to DCU fan art since rai_daydreamer! I never can get over how awesome your Robins are, and your Boostle, and your Jeffrey the Tribble stuff, and so on and so forth and WHEEE!!! ^______^

*snugs you tight* XD
02 07 10 (UTC)


no seriously you are an amazing artist and the coolest person and I'm so psyched we're friends but I am consistently shocked all over again by it.
02 07 10 (UTC)
I'm a total lurker to your journal (except, you know, when I comment), but I just gotta say your art is consistently amazing and makes me die a little from all the epic.
(Deleted comment)
03 07 10 (UTC)
You're an amazing person. Smart, funny, talented as hell. I love opening my email and hellyeah! new jbadgr post. Instant idiot grin on my face every time. :D

And you knew who my favourite all time character was, had read him in comics and liked him, you don't realise how much I love you for that. So many people are haters. <33333

03 07 10 (UTC)
You're such an amazing artist, it blows me away completely every time you post a new image. And you have no idea how happy the Batman!Dick image you drew for me has made me happy -- it's like a huge, huge ray of sunshine right in the middle of a pretty bad storm. Thanks so much for this! <3
03 07 10 (UTC)
You draw gushingly gorgeous Jason pics -- hell, you draw gushingly gorgeous everything, I just care the most about the Jason pics.
03 07 10 (UTC)
I barely know you but you were incredibly nice about my commission and did a GREAT job out of it. It may be my current desktop background cannotconfirmdeny.

Your art is fantastic. If money appears in my pockets, I'm commissioning you again in the future.
03 07 10 (UTC)
You're just...awesomely awesome with awesome on top. Because you draw absolutely FANTASTIC art for people, and you draw it so *fast*! And you're just friendly and sweet and you leave wonderful comments for people and you're fun to talk to. I love "The Sniffles", so so much, and the Kings Among Runaways art, sososo much and just...<3 You're awesome.
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